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I have a first hand experience with true crime. I used to be in a TTC server and there was a person named ''Bee'' who I was friends with and actually became part of a smaller group with them. After Bee did not respond for close to a day, people became worried. We found out she had been arrested for planning a massacre at a bar in Toledo. Her real name was Elizabeth Lecron. You may have heard of her case.

Lilith Savage Leader
That's shocking. I hope you're gonna tell us more with a blog post! Have you ever suspected she could plan a massacre? What kind of person was she?
REB0904 Moderator
And she never ever gave any hints of what she was up to?!
OP here. If this post gets enough attention, I will post my experience with her and yes, there were hints. I will explain how she got caught and how our server crumbled down afterward.
wow the more I read about it the more intriguing and actually yes I wonder what kind of signs she started showing or if anybody suspect than anything
I posted part 1.
Lilith Savage Leader
holy crap

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