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PART 1: The Server I have had quite a few of you intrigued by my story. So, here is Part 1 of my story with Elizabeth ''Bee'' Lecron. As I write this, I'm listening to stray bullet by KMFDM to put myself back into that horrible headspace. I was briefly in a server with people who idolized serial killers/school shooters. I remember one person thinking that Jeffrey Dahmer was their guardian angel and that he could see their ghost. He was severely mentally ill so, most people just rolled with it and let him think that was reality. There were several individuals who would ''joke'' about shooting their schools up. I say ''joke'' because, after Bee, I'm not sure who was being serious. There were also several people who sent nazi memorabilia to shooters or serial killers. Elizabeth Lecron would regularly write Dylann Roof and send him nazi memorabilia, she had a Tumblr page called ''Charlestonchurchmiracle.'' Now, before I move onto this next part, I would like to point something out. At the time of this server, I was a teenager in high school with undiagnosed mental illnesses and receiving no help from home or the people around me. *deep sigh* I brought the idea of roleplaying to the server. Bee, a few others, and I began to roleplay as shooters/serial killers. This is a big reason I want to stay on anon. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how I did those things. I used to cosplay as Eric Harris, and yes, I was Eric Harris. There was Dylann (Bee), Vladislav Roslyakov, Kip Kinkel, Dylan Klebold, Ed Gein, Adam Lanza, and some others that I can not recall. Eventually, we considered ourselves too good to just roleplay within the server. We started our own small server and called ourselves ''Elites.'' Bee's image on discord is still her elite image of Dylann. It was in this server that Bee would regularly talk about her desire to commit a massacre. The server was deleted in a massive panic once we found out Bee was arrested, but an archive of the school shooting exists and so does Bee's discord. Depending on how this does, I'll post part two of the type of person Bee was and the hints that she gave. I will also go into detail about how the server crumbled down from there and how she got caught. And yes, if anyone for some reason is interested in our sick roleplaying, I can provide that as well.

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