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Asked a question 2 years ago

which case(s) are you most into? and if you feel like explaining, why?

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From the barrel of love

I'm getting more and more into OKC bombing.  The investigation was incomplete, there's evidence of other parties involved, defense counsel was not allowed to admit certain things into evidence during the trial.  Supposedly even the Gov of OK was asking for information on bombings days prior to the attack... so.  I'm waiting for my next book to arrive so I can get into it!

as far as school shootings are concerned, columbine and red lake would be my most prominent cases to research, columbine because it was the first major school shooting which shaped all aspects of our culture, and inspired many others

and red lake because it was mostly forgotten by the mainstream culture, and its lessons still need to be learned

now my most prominent serial killer to learn about would be carl panzram, because he seemed a genuinely intelligent person, his views on prison could have been written today

jeffrey dahmer. empathy and sympathy are two different things and for me, i simultaneously condem his deplorable actions and i feel for the child he once was. he had a lonely childhood and i feel for him mostly because i was that kid as well. another thing about jeffrey was that everything he did could've been prevented so easily if anyone caught on to what he was going through during his adolescent years.

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