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Nathan James Wasywich-fox
Asked a question 2 years ago

why do you think columbine has been such a powerful influence on society

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Briefly, I believe that the Columbine shooting became so famous because it had many mysteries around it, was completely unexpected, happened in a very calm city where things like that just doesn't happen and the perpetrators weren't people that anyone thought could be capable of doing such a tragedy. Today, it became even more famous because of the internet, the over 70 shooters that had been inspired from Columbine and especially because, after all the questions raised up by the details that came up during all these years, police refuse to give people answers about what happened. If only they could release the infamous "Basement Tapes", it would be easier to understand what happened and "go on".

Another important detail is that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were very smart teenagers. They knew what they were doing, they knew what they wanted, and one of their goals was to be famous and remembered. They wrote diaries, and teenagers can relate to their pain and their anger, and feeling related to them makes them listen to Dylan and Eric's suggestion, and makes them angrier and sadder. These people went against society, pointing out everything wrong with it that still didn't change. They created a storm. Their diaries are guides to kill, I think they are very dangerous in the hands of an angry individual, but very useful to criminologists and psychologists.

So, that's why Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris have an empire. This message that you're reading comes from an 18 year old girl that has been very angry in the past and found other people like her to complain with, to feed the fire that burns inside of you when you're confused, angry and sad, when you can't see anything positive because pain is always there. So, that's why Eric and Dylan are famous: they seem a hope, a solution to your problems. But they are not. They were smart, their actions changed the world, but there are better ways to make the world know that it should change and I hope that one day Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris will be seen as two people severely depressed that didn't find any other way to fight against collective pain and anger and they feeded it. I hope people with fight with love, for peace. And I hope that teenagers will be supported, and cry, and laugh, just live and create a mindset that will make them focus on their goals and go past the momentaneous, inevitable pain we all go through when we are starting to see our future and we get scared seeing nothing clear in front of us.